1280x800 7" LVDS LCD with Capacitive Touch for pcDuino3

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Product Overview

This is a 7" LVDS LCD with capacitive touch for pcDuino3. It has a resolution of 1280x800.

Pcduino3 lvds screen V2 1.jpg

Pcduino3 lvds screen V2 2.jpg

Items Included:

  • 1 x LVDS screen
  • 1 x Driver board
  • 3 x Ribbon cable
  • 6 x Male to female jumper wires

Wire connection

We need to hook up the 6 pins headers using the male to female jumper wires in the following way:

  • gnd of the LCD driver breakout board —> GND of pcDuino
  • scl of the LCD driver breakout board —> SCL of pcDuino
  • sda of the LCD driver breakout board –> SDA of pcDuino
  • rst of the LCD driver breakout board –> D10 of pcDuino
  • int of the LCD driver breakout board –> D9 of pcDuino
  • wale of the LCD driver breakout board –> D8 of pcDuino

And make sure that the FPC ribbon is installed correctly.

Lvds pcduino 1.jpg

Lvds pcduino 2.jpg

Lvds pcduino 3.jpg


Step 1: Update kernel

  • 1.Download the kernel of pcDuino3 :kernel.zip
  • 2.Unzip the "kernel.zip",you will get a folder "kernel", then copy the folder to a USB flash disk.
  • 3.Plug the USB flash disk on your pcDuino3, and put in following command:

$ sudo su

# mount /dev/nanda /mnt/ # ls /mnt/ # rm /mnt/uImage /mnt/script.bin # ls /media/ (This command is to check the name of your USB flash disk) # cp /media/40C3-AE90/kernel/* /mnt/ ("40C3-AE90" is the name of your USB flash disk) # sync 


Then reboot your pcDuino3, you will find the lvds screen is start up.

Screen start.jpg

Step 2: Add the driver of touch screen

  • 1.Download the driver of touch screen gslx680: gslx680.zip
  • 2.Unzip "gslx680.zip" to get a file "gslx680.ko", put "gslx680.ko" in this path: /lib/modules/3.4.79+/kernel/drivers/input/touchscreen

(Note:open the folder as Root)

Touchscreen path.jpg

  • 3.Input driver command:

$ sudo insmod /lib/modules/3.4.79+/kernel/drivers/input/touchscreen/gslx680.ko

You can touch control the screen.

  • 4.But you may find you can not touch control after you reboot your pcDuino. Then please do this:

Find the file "modules" in this path: /etc/modules (Note:open the folder as Root)

Modules path.jpg

Open it in Leafpad, add an row "gslx680":

Leafpad modify.jpg

Save and exit.

Then you can touch the screen even if you reboot or power off pcDuino.



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  • 5
    FIVE Star HVDS Display

    Posted by campbell-graves on 10th Oct 2017

    A great, low-cost, and easy to install LVDS display with low power consumption and higher resolution than is commonly found in similar seven-inch displays. Based on decades of development experience, I believe this is an ideal touch-screen LCD for development environments needing smaller-sized displays, AND it is perfect for DIY portable development and laptop projects. On a five-star scale, this product may even deserve a ten-star rating. In my view, this display is a definite YES to great value and another YES on pressing the Buy Now button, now. Oh yeah, I am not in anyway connected with any of the people designing, making, distributing, or otherwise paid for the sales or promotion of this product. I paid retail, getting a super product from a great company and nothing more,