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  • Acrylic Clear Enclosure for pcDuino3 Nano

Acrylic Clear Enclosure for pcDuino3 Nano

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This is the acrylic clear enclosure for your pcDuino3 Nano. The Arduino shield can still be installed on the pcDuino3 Nano when the enclosure is installed.

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  1. Acrylic Clear Enclosure for pcDuino Nano

    Posted by txniteowl on 29th Jan 2015

    Works just fine. Had no problems with it.

  2. Convenient way to shield your board

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Jan 2015

    One screw out of 8 won't be used, as the top shield only has 3 holes; the fourth hole would be too close to the edge to drill (this is by the HDMI port).

    Heatsink is too tall, causing the top shield to bow when screwed down.

  3. Great product and Great Value

    Posted by Mark Paxton on 8th Jan 2015

    I had my order for this in early, so I probably received one of the first ones to ship. Having assembled four (4) of the acrylic enclosures for the PcDuino3 (the sister enclosure product for that board), I was able to quickly assemble this enclosure for the PcDuino3 Nano. If you don't have that experience, you might find the assembly confusing (if you receive your enclosure the same way I did). I ended up with one extra screw given that there were eight (8) screws in the package: The bottom piece delivered had four (4) holes, while the top piece only had three (3) holes, yet there are four (4) pillars and four (4) nuts. However, if you look at the zoomed view of the top of the enclosure, you will notice that one of the holes shown (upper right if you have the lettering rightside up) is so close to the side that it left the edge open, and looks rather tacky in my opinion. Given that mine did not have the hole drilled into it, I'm happier than I would have been had there been an open edge that might have cracked the top if the screw was over-tightened (perhaps a last minute design decision/change, rather than an oversight?). If you are the type that looks for nonconformity, you will notice that the upper left hand corner (where the top has "AUDIO" printed) of the top extends further than the bottom causing the top and bottom to not be 100% flush, likely designed this way to provide sufficient strength to the top and accomodate the hole in the top). This was likely a design consideration based on the layout of the PcDuino3 Nano board given that the USB and Ethernet connections are not flush and the location for the screw on the upper left board corner is so close to the edge and the Arduino connectors. As with the enclosure for the PcDuino3, I found that the heatsink causes a slight bowing of the top. Overall, given the design of the board itself, the intent of the enclosure, these were all good tradeoffs and the product is well worth the money.

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