Acrylic Clear Enclosure for pcDuino3 Universal Edition

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This is a acrylic clear enclosure for your pcDuino3. The Arduino shield can still be installed on the pcDuino3 when the enclosure is installed. This enclosure is an universal edition, it can be used with pcDuino3, pcDuino3A and pcDuino3B.

 Acylic Pcduino3 case universal.jpg


If your pcDuino3 is Android system, please only fix 3 copper pillars on pcDuino3.

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The usage of this enclosure is similiar to Acrylic Clear Enclosure for pcDuino3, you can refer to its installation instructions.



(6 reviews) Write a Review

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    It works

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Jan 2016

    The cover fits as advertised. Getting the paper coating off is a little challenging, but eventually comes off. There was a good on-line article on exactly how to assemble it.

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    Acrylic Clear Enclosure for pcDuino3

    Posted by txniteowl on 29th Jan 2015

    It seems I may have not received all the parts. I have one end and one bottom. No top or other end. Screws, nuts, spacers I think were all there. So missing parts.

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    Good protection

    Posted by ITMPAX on 23rd Dec 2014

    Nice cost-effective protection for the PcDuino3. While obvious from the pictures, it might not be to someone purchasing case the first time without looking closely at the parts picture – it is not an enclosure as there are no sides allowing the board to breath. I purchased 4 of them and am pleased with the purchase. It comes with a heatsink (that last entry on the parts list that you might not notice by looking at the parts picture: IT_KIT_STI17MM_SINK19MM). The first one I assembled I found the top wobbled over the heatsink so I ended up removing it to keep the top fit flush. The second one I assembled did not have that issue (but the heatsink is tight against the top), so whenever I get 15 minutes I don't need I'm going to look at that first one again. I’ve yet to assemble the third and fourth, so I will be curious… I will caution the first time assembler to look the pieces carefully before starting (there are no instructions included). If you are the type that simply starts putting things together you could end up having to take it apart more than once. There is a reason for 4 pillar bolts and 3 nuts that is clear only after you get the pieces assembled - the 4 pillars go on the bottom and 3 nuts go on top of the board. As expected, the most annoying part of the assembly process is peeling the protective paper from the acrylic, which takes longer than any other step. I sometimes wonder whether I would be happier with a scratched piece of acrylic in lieu of the paper peeling exercise... Overall, I would recommend it.

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    Great idea, like the product

    Posted by RS on 4th Aug 2014

    Excellent product. Mine came with a heat sink (not shown here).

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    Fits Great, Looks Great!

    Posted by bubbab on 25th Jun 2014

    Good protection for your pcD3 while leaving all the connectors accessible. An added bonus that is not clear from the photos is that all the connectors are labeled too, with reversed engraved labels. That's what all the white smudgy stuff is on the protective film of the top plate. The 5V shield adapter (and any other Uno shield) fits right on top!

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    Very Nice!

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jun 2014

    This case is really nice - the pictures don't do it justice! It protects your pcDuino3 and still gives access to all the vital connectors. An unexpected plus is that with the added mass, my board now rests flat on my desk instead of flopping around at the will of the interface cables.