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Drawdio Kit

Brand: LinkSprite
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Drawdio was invented by MIT media lab and let you draw musical instruments on normal paper with any pencil (cheap circuit thumb-tacked on) and then play them with your finger. You can use this kit to create a drawdio by yourself.



Package List:

  • 2 × 10k ohm Resistor[IT_RESE10K][HA101101]
  • 1 × 68pPF/50V Ceramic Capacitor [IT_TCWPDR680PF_50V][HB101103]
  • 2 × 100nF/50V Ceramic Capacitor [IT_TCWPDR100NF_50V][HB101104]
  • 1 × 33uF/16V Electrolytic Capacitor [IT_DJDR33UF_16V][HB101105]
  • 1 × Triode S9012 [IT_SJGZC_S9012][HC101101]
  • 1 × Triode S9013 [IT_SJGZC_S9013][HC101102]
  • 1 × CR2032 Button Battery Socket [IT_DCZ_CR2032][WH104102]
  • 1 × CR2032 Button Battery [IT_DC_CR2032][WH105101]
  • 1 × Mobile Phone Speaker [IT_SJXLB_15MM/4MM][ZD101101]
  • 1 × NE555 IC [IT_IC_NE555][JB101101]
  • 1 × 40cm of Copper Tape [COM_CUTP5MM][114201011]
  • 1 × PCB for Drawdio [IT_PCB_DRAWDIO][FB101104]







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  1. decent and cheep kit.

    Posted by tom on 4th Aug 2015

    This kit is both economical and less finicky than the ones that only use a 1.5 volt battery. The speaker is a bit wimpy and be aware that there is no printed part list or schematic included so you will need to look that up online to help with assembly. But generally a great value.

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