GPS Shield With SD Card Slot for Arduino V2A

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This GPS shield is designed for Arduino Uno. This shield integrates SR-92 GPS module and a SD card slot. It can be used to add a GPS location to an Arduino project and also provide an mass storage medium to you project. 


Software Serial Port Configuration:
  • Short TX and D2 of J2.
  • Short RX and D3 of J1.
Hardware Serial Port Configuration:
  • Short TX and MRX of J2.
  • Short RX and MTX of J1.
The following material are for SR92 and are for reference only:

This GPS receiver comes with embedded antenna and only needs 5 pins to talk to your Arduino or MCU.

Pin  1:  GND Ground   
Pin  2:  VCC Power supply of 3.3 ~ 3.5 VDC
Pin  3:  TX Port A serial data output (GPS out); N-8-1, NMEA v3.00 output
Pin 4:   RX Port A serial data input (GPS in); N-8-1, accepts commands from external applications, e.g. SiRFDemo.
Pin 5:   5 PWR_CTRL Hardware controlled power saving pin.
            If this function is used, it is usually connected to a GPIO pin of a micro-processor.
            "Low": for normal run
            "High" or floating: turn off VCC for power saving
             Tie it to low if this pin is not used.


Not only handheld but also any other GPS applications can share the following major features
of SR-92.

  •  Easy adoption with best performance
  •  Integrated antenna and EMC protection
  •  Built-in backup battery allowing hot/warm starts and better performance
  •  No external component demand, just connect and use.
  •  Minimum RF and EMI efforts
  •  Small size of 18 (W) x 21 (L) x 7 (H) (mm) with patch antenna of 18x18x4mm.
  •  Fully implementation of ultra-high performance SiRFstarIII single chip architecture
  •  High tracking sensitivity of -159dBm
  •  Low power consumption of 40mA at full tracking
  •  Hardware power saving control pin allowing power off GPS via GPIO
  •  SR-92 could be arranged at best reception location inside housing
  •  Firmware upgradeable for future potential performance enhancements





(No reviews yet) Write a Review