Long Range UHF RFID reader (1-6M) (ISO18000-6C EPC G2)

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Product Overview

LinkSprite Long Range RFID reader (1-6M) (ISO18000-6C EPC G2): typical 2-3M

In  the far-distance RFID system, the ID tag has much less energy compared to that of the reader. This imposes a very high requirement on the reader's receiver sensitivity.  In LinkSprite's  far-distance RFID system, the receiving and transmitting paths are separated, and using different frequencies.  Normally, the transmitting power is between  100mW~500mW.

LSID-0702  has the feature of multiple-protocols, fast response time, multiple-tag reading, directional antenna, and water-proof design that can be used outdoors.

The  application of LSID-0702 can be used in the following:

  • Logistical and warehouse management.
  • Smart parking lot management.
  • Manufacturing processes management.
  • Club management, library management, and other application of Internet of Things.  

After first powere d on, the reader will buzz once to indicate that it starts to work.  When there is tag approaching the reader, it will buzz to indicate that it's sending the data. For the same tag, the read interval can be configured. After read, if the same tag is still in the read area, there will be no further indication, and no data will be sent.  If the time lapse exceeds  interval or different tags enter the reading zone, the reader will read the card and send out data.

When  using the reader, please avoid the reader to be in close contact with metal devices as metal devices can absorb the RF signal, and impact the reading distance.

There  are SDK for this reader that comes with Visual Basic and Visual C++ demo program.





920~925MHz , American Standard   902~928MHz,     Specified fix frequencies, or frequencies hopping


ISO18000-6B, ISO18000-6C(EPC GEN2)

Frequency hopping

FHSS or Fixed Frequency, set by software

Working Mode

Automatic Reading at programmed timing interval, triggered reading,  reading by software   command. The working mode is configured by software.

RF transmitted Power

0~30dBm,configurable by software

Reading     Distance

Adjustable reading distance: 1  ~  5  meter

Reading     Sensitivity

Bipolarity reading

Response Time

Response time of single tag     with 64 bit ID    <     6ms


Integrated directional antenna, gain 12dB


RS485, RS232, Wiegand26, Wiegand34, RJ45(TCP/IP) or CANBUS

When order please specify which one as only support one port at once. Default is RS232



Reading Indicator




Working Temperature

-20 C ~ +80 C

Store Temperature

-40 C ~ +125C

Working Humidity

20%  ~ 95%     (no  condensing)




You can use this USB-RS232 cable to connect it to a PC without RS232 port.   




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