pcDuino9 AI Computer Vision Edge Computing Development Kit(Dome Camera 0722)

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Product Overview


pcDuino9 AI computer vision edge computing development kit is for AI based security application. 

The kit includes general IPC using hi3516D solution and pcDuino9 embedded AI edge computing module. The kit mainly uses the pcDuino9 embedded module to process the video stream acquired from hi3516D, and carries out a series of analysis and processing of the video stream. The kit builds a basic development environment for developers. It provides video frames obtained from hi3516D by pcDuino9, developers can freely develop on the raw frame, such as face detection, license plate detection, object detection and other AI  functions. At the same time, it provides an open API interface. Developers can return the information which were processed on pcDuino9 to hi3516D, and the detected image can be optimized select on hi3516D, and then output them via FTP.


Moreover, if RK3288 processing not enough, Movidius module can be added to the pcDuino9 to extend the processing power.

Lens Type: Motorized Zoom Lens 7-22mm


Basic Framework:



The development environment has been provided:

1. pcDuino9 Gets Video Frames from hi3516D

2. Return the information analyzed and processed by the developer to hi3516D

3. Select high quality pictures which has been analyzed on hi3516D and output them via FTP

Examples of development functions

1. Developing Frame maps on pcDuino9,such as face detection, license plate detection, object detection and other AI image analysis and processing functions.

2. Output of the analyzed pictures via FTP for other application requirements

3. ……


Package List

• General IPC with Hi3516D

• pcDuino9 embedded AI visual edge computing module


Hardware Introduction

The introduction of pcDuino9 embedded AI visual edge computing module

I/O Diagram

PcDuino9 AI Cam Ai Kit-1.PNG

Pin Map

PcDuino9 AI Cam Ai Kit-2.PNG


PcDuino9 AI Cam Ai Kit-3.PNG

RK3288 CPU Benchmark

PcDuino9 AI Cam Ai Kit-4.jpg



Specifications of Hi3516D IPC


PcDuino9 Kit-3.PNG

PcDuino9 Kit-4.PNG




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