Rover: WiFi Remote Control Robot with WiFi Video Camera

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Product Overview



Rover is LinkSprite's new robot platform. It has the main control board,  an Arduino compatible core board, an USB camera, an ultrasonic sensor, and TL-WR703N WiFi router reflashed with OPENWRT firmware, and the basic mechanical platform. The mechanical control part is implemented on the Arduino compatible core board (this is included on the kit), while the video streaming part is implemented on the TL-WR703N Wifi router using OPENWRT. We provide the source files of Arduino, and the PC control software. Users can also learn OPENWRT using this platform.




  • Charging input voltage: 10-12V DC
  • Max output current of 5V: 2A.
  • Max motor driving current: 1.2A (two motors)


Hardware Interface Explained:



Module Interface:

0 -13 are digital port, 14-18 are analog port. 19 is ADC voltage port. 


Charging Battery Interface:

This interface is used to connect 2 4.2V Li-ion battery in serial connection. That is 8.4V, charging current is 500mA.


8.4V Output:

This output is used to output 8.4V DC to power up other devices. 


Wall Adatper Input Connector:


This connector is used to input 10-12V DC.


Program download UART (the USB to UART download cable is provided )


2-channel DC motors connectors:


This connector is connected to two DC motors. Each one cannot draw more than 600mA, and in total, not more than 1.2A. M1+ and M1- are connected to the first motor. M2+ and M2- are connected to the second motor. The two motors are controlled by pin2 2-5. Pins 2 and 3 control motor M1, and pin2 4 and 5 controls motor M2. 

PC control software:




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