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SM5100B Quad-band GPRS/GSM Shield for Arduino Mega (GSM Module Included)

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Product Description

This is an Arduino Mega Shield for SM5100 quad-band GSM/GPRS module. The module is included.


Due to the large current of the GPRS module, a wall adaptor is recommended:








Jumpers position:

J1: 5100RX to TX1

J2: 5100TX to RX1



Pass through code:

#include         //Used for string manipulations

char incoming_char=0;      //Will hold the incoming character from the Serial Port.

void setup()


  //Initialize serial ports for communication.



Serial.println("Starting SM5100B Communication...");


void loop()


//If a character comes in from the cellular module...

if(Serial1.available() >0)

{;    //Get the character from the cellular serial port.

Serial.print(incoming_char);  //Print the incoming character to the terminal.


//If a character is coming from the terminal to the Arduino...

if(Serial.available() >0)

{;  //Get the character coming from the terminal

Serial1.print(incoming_char);    //Send the character to the cellular module.






USA providers are all on 850/1900Mhz and pratically all the rest of the world uses 900/1800Mhz.


LinkSprite SM5100B GSM/GPRS module: a miniature, single-side board, quad-band GSM 850/EGSM 900/DCS 1800/PCS 1900 module, ready for integration in various kinds of Fix wireless phones and other wireless devices.


Temperature range

Normal range: -10°C to +55°C (full compliant)

Storage: -40°C to +85°C


< 9g

Physical dimensions

35.0X39.0X2.9 mm (typical)


60 pins

Power supply

VBAT: 3.3V to 4.2V range, 3.6V typical.

Power consumption

Off mode: <100uA

Sleep mode: <2.0mA

Idle mode: <7.0mA (average)

Communication mode: 350 mA (average,GSM)

Communication mode: 2000mA (Typical peak during TX slot,GSM)

Li-ion Battery charging management and interface (OPTION)

Li-ion Battery charging management is included. The charger interface is provided on 60-pin connector. (only for 3.7V Li-ion Battery)

Frequency bands

EGSM900 +GSM850+ DCS1800+PCS1900

Transmit power

Class 4 (2W) for EGSM900/GSM850

Class 1 (1W) for DCS1800/PCS1900

Supported SIM card

3V/1.8V SIM card. (auto recognise)

Keyboard interface

4x6 keyboard interface is provided

UART0 interface with flow control

Up to 460 kbps

Full hardware flow control signals (+3.0V) are provided on 60 pins.

UART1 interface without flow control

2-Wire UART interface

Up to 460 kbps

LCD interface

Support standard SPI interface


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