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TQ2440 S3C2440 ARM920T Development Board 4.5" TouchScreen LCD

Brand: CuteDigi
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Product Description

The TQ2440 development board is an efficient ARM9E development board with a low price, it characterizes simple method and high performance-price ratio. Based on the Samsung S3C2440 microprocessor, it embodies professional stable power source chip and reset chip to ensure the stability of the system operation. The PCB on the TQ2440 board is designed to be 4-layers board, adopting the ENIG technology and professional equal-length wiring to ensure the completeness of the signals of the key signal wires; manufactured and released under stringent quality control plans.

With the help of the detailed manual, users are supposed to become proficient in the development process of embedded Linux and WinCE operating system, they are supposed to get the basic idea about the WinCE and Linux development in two weeks, so long as they have obtained the basic and necessary knowledge about the C language.

TQ2440 is so powerful that it can work as a laptop type performance. It even support embedded database.TQ2440 is more open source compared to MINI2440.



A portion of user manual



  • CPU
    • 64M SDRAM on board
    • 32 bit data bus
    • SDRAM clock frequency can reach upto 100MHz
  • Flash Memory
    • 256MB Nand Flash on board, nonvolatile
    • 2MB Nor Flash on board, nonvolatile
  • LCD control
    • On-board 4-wire resistive touch screen interface;
    • Supporting 3.5‟ — 12.1‟ STN LCD, resolution up to 1024x768;
    • Supporting 3.5‟ — 12.1‟ TFT LCD, resolution up to 1024x768;
    • On board 12V power interface for 12V CCFL backlight module of big TFTs.
  • Interfaces and Resources
    • One 100M Ethernet RJ-45 interface (DM9000 ethernet chip adopted)
    • 3 serial ports
    • One USB Host
    • One USB Slave (B-type interface)
    • One SD card interface
    • One stereo audio output interface, one MIC interface
    • One 10pin (2.0mm space) JTAG interface
    • 4 user LEDs
    • 6 user buttons
    • One PWM control buzzer
    • One adjustable resistance, used for AD conversion test
    • One I2C bus AT24C08 chip, used for I2C bus test
    • One 20pin (2.0mm space) camera interface
    • RTC battery on board
    • Power supply interface, with switch and indicator
  • System clock source
    • 12MHz passive crystal
  •  RTC
    • Internal real time clock, battery backed
  • Expansion interfaces
    • One 34pin 2.0mm GPIO interface
    • One 40pin 2.0mm system bus interface
  • Dimension
    • 105 x 128 (mm)
  • OS supported
    • Linux 2.6.29 (Pre-installed)
    • WindowsCE.NET 5.0, Windows CE 6.0.





Order Information


1 TQ2440 development board

1 Serial cable

1 Ethernet cable

1 USB cable

1 5V power adapter

1 DVD with software kits, documentations

1 Jtag board


1. H-JTAG burning & debugging tool

2. SJF2440 (Flashing tool for Windows)

3. Serial tools CRT, DNW

4. bmp2h, A software that used to transform picture to C language array

5. USB driver for Windows XP/2000)

6. vboot source code, A linux bootloader

7. Simple LED test program

8. Hardware test program 2440test, source code provided

9. WindowsCE BSP and example project files

10. Linux development tools and kernel source code package

- Linux cross-compiler: arm-linux-gcc-4.3.2 with EABI
- Mkyaffs2image yaffs filesystem image maker
- Linux-2.6.29 for TQ2440 kernel source code, including DM9000 driver, LCD driver, audio driver, touch screen driver, yaffs2 source code, 32 GB SD card driver, RTC driver, serial port drivers, USB camera driver, USB mouse, keyboard, U-disk driver, etc..

11. Qtopia-2.2.0 Embedded graphic interface source code

12. embedded browser source code


Users manual


Data sheets

Reference data for S3C2440



7" LCD

VGA module

Analog camera module

WiFi Module



Material list on DVD-ROM


DVD-ROM download


(1) H-JTAG Debugger

(2) Windows Flash Programmer SJF2440 
(3) Linux Nand Flash Programmer Jflash-2440(source code included) 
(4) Serial tool CRT, dnw 
(5) Bitmap to C Language transfer tool 
(6) USB Driver(WindowXP/2000) 
(7) vivi source code(linux bootloader
(8) LED test program(ADS1.20 project) 
(9) 2440test program(ADS1.20 project), include : 
key test, RTC test, ADC test, IIS Audio play(wav), IIS Audio record, 
touch screen test, I2C test, Samsung 3.5"LCD, 640x480 TFT test 
(10) WindowsCE 5.0 BSP and sample project files. 
(11) Pre-compiled WinCE 5.0 image for evaluation 
(12) Linux tool and kernel source code 
- arm-linux-gcc-4.3.2 with EABI 
- yaffs2 file system image maker -mkyaffs2image 
- linux-2.6.29 for S3C2440 kernel source code(include DM9000, LCD driver, Audio,
Touch screen, YAFFS Source code, SD Card, RTC, Expand serial driver,
USB Camera,USB Mouse and Keyboard, U-Disk) 
(13) Pre-compiled Linux image for evaluation
(14) Qtopia 2.2.0 source codes, web browser source codes 
(15) uCos2 source code and binary images 
(16) Schematics(Protel99SE/PDF) 
(17) User Manual(English)

For user don't have LPT, please consider to buy:






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